The Cost of Surrogacy Broken Down by CBS Money Watch

CBS Money Watch just released a great piece on the real cost of surrogacy for both Surrogates and Intended Parents.  With the Pope recently condemning surrogacy as a practice that commercializes of pregnancy and exploits mothers and children, Journalist Megan Cerullo wanted to see what surrogacy actually involves, including money and the medical risks.

As Cerullo noted, many of these surrogates that she spoke with were not motivated by the money itself – but it did help.  Their compensation allowed them to pay off debt, student loans, or even buy house; but they also acknowledged the medical risks that are involved.  These surrogates further explained that not just anyone can become a surrogate as there is a rigorous screening process that’s involved before they can even match with Intended Parents.

For more on this article regarding the cost of surrogacy, click the link at the bottom of this post.

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