Several States have Geared Up to Prohibit "Surrogacy Brokers"

            Several states have recently moved to prohibit “Surrogacy Brokers”, also known as  surrogacy agencies or matching agencies.  In fact, in January of 2024 Virginia attempted to remove the prohibition of “Surrogacy Brokers”, but the bill was vetoed by the Governor of that state.  That same month, West Virginia introduced a bill that would loosen the restrictions on surrogacy agreements – but ironically prohibited “Surrogacy Brokers”.  That bill also failed before heading to the State House.  For now, Virginia is the only state to prohibit “Surrogacy Brokers”.

            On the other hand, Michigan State reversed course by signing into law the Michigan Family Protection Act, which removed criminal penalties for compensated surrogacy while also including laws to protect the Child, the Surrogate, and the Intended Parents. 

            For more on these attempts to prohibit “Surrogacy Brokers” and Michigan’s reversal, click here to read the full article from AbovetheLaw.Com.

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