Members can log in and access their SURROGATE ELITE Portal using the following button. This will give them access to claims and documents, as well as other important information that they would need access to.

What are the requirements for the Surrogate to be accepted and approved? 

To participate in the Association’s SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care, surrogates must pass a full screening performed by their IVF Physician. Some of the factors we consider are the Surrogate’s age, BMI, previous deliveries, and pre-existing medical conditions/complications.  All potential SURROGATE ELITE candidates must submit all pregnancy and birth medical records for each birth to be reviewed before acceptance. Please contact us for how to submit your records.

What services are covered, and which are not?

SURROGATE ELITE covers a wide variety of services, including hospital room and board, emergency care, urgent care, physician services, primary care, diagnostics, lab work, and more. Please see the plan document for specific details.

When does the application for SURROGATE ELITE need to be submitted?

Applications can be submitted to Sage for review during the contract phase but will not become effective until pregnancy is confirmed by a heartbeat ultrasound confirms pregnancy.

Who submits the application?

The surrogate submits her application. In some instances, the agency may also do it on behalf of the Surrogate.

How are applications submitted?

Sage will accept applications on its standard application form as seen at this link or via email.

How long does it take to get approval?

Once all documentation, including all medical records, has been submitted the standard approval time is 3-5 business days.

Can a surrogate be denied acceptance?

Yes. Many factors could cause a surrogate to be denied, but normally if your IVF doctor signs the release that she is fit to become pregnant. If she passes the medical records review of her past pregnancies and births, there should not be a problem.

Can we get our surrogates “pre-approved” by Sage to avoid denials late in the game?

Yes. We suggest applying as soon as possible, but no sooner than 30 days prior to the gestational contract signing.

Do we attach medical records with the application?

Yes, we will need all records from each pregnancy and birth.

Are there administration fees owed for the application process?

There are no application fees for applying for SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care.  Turning in applications early and correctly filled out will ensure a timely response from Sage underwriters.

When is payment for the SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care owed?

Payment for participating in SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care is due by or within five (5) days of pregnancy confirmation by fetal heartbeat. Payment for the covered medical benefit is due before the effective date of coverage. Payments are considered as paid when confirmed received by Sage or Sage’s agent.

What is the cost of the SURROGATE ELITE SUrrogacy Coverage?

$30,000 Singleton

Are the costs different for twin pregnancies?

Twin pregnancies costs are Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00)

Are there any co-payments or deductibles the surrogate has to pay?

No. There are zero co-payments, zero deductibles, no balance billing, and no liens.

Will the surrogate receive a SURROGATE ELITE I.D. card?

Yes, her card will be sent within 3-5 business after acceptance.

Is there a phone number or customer service person the surrogate or agency can call about issues and billing?

Yes, please call our help desk at 888-562-BABY (4784)

Is there any online monitoring we, as the agency, can do regarding payments and claims?

Yes, each agency will be given access to the online portal that shows all of your current surrogates and the details of their cases.

Is there a release the Surrogate or the Intended Parents need to sign to allow the agency to be involved in monitoring billing etc.?

Yes, all Surrogates must sign a HIPPA Release Form allowing their Intended Parents access to their personal health information.  Sage requires one specifically for SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care application.  It is located at

Will the SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care have in-network and out-of-network doctors and hospitals 


If a hospital is out of network, is it possible to get in network status?

Yes. Sage will reach out to the hospital to negotiate a rate.

Is there any certificate or proof of acceptance that is issued?


Is there a cap?

Yes. Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) for any one pregnancy and the aggregate.

What happens if that cap is reached?

Medical Expenses incurred above these limits remain the personal responsibility of the Member Intended Parents.

What role, if any, does the agency have in the relationship between Intended Parents and Sage?

Sage International Family Association is dedicated to partnering with agencies, clinics, and attorneys to best help provide our members the benefits they deserve.  By working as a team, all entities will ensure the finest member care available.

Do the Intended Parents need to join the Association to use the SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care?

YES. The Intended parents are required to be Members of the Association to receive this member benefit.

When should they join the association?

Intended Parents should join the association today to start receiving helpful information about the third-party assisted reproduction journey they are about to embark upon.

What is the purpose of the association, and how much is it?

Sage International Family Association’s purpose is to provide member benefits related to assisted reproduction and its ancillary fields. The fee for the Intended Parents is Ninety-Nine Dollars ($99.00) for a “Lifetime Family Membership.”

Does the surrogate need to join the association to use the coverage the parents are getting for her?

No, the intended parents will only be required to join the association. The fee is $99.00 for a “Lifetime Family Membership.”

Does the agency need to join the association for the parents to use the SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care?

Yes, we encourage all agencies to join with a business membership to receive all of the benefits of our members.

Why else would the agency want to or need to join the association?

Sage International Family Association is a member-driven organization and would benefit their agency by being placed in front of a target group of potential customers and gestational surrogates.

What is the fee for a business to join?

Business memberships are FREE!

Are other agencies joining the association?

Yes. Both agencies and industry exclusive professionals are joining the association every day.

Who else besides agencies and Intended Parents would or are joining the Association?

All industry professionals, such as clinics, mental health professionals, trust/escrow services, and attorneys.

Is the SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care backed by a larger insurance company?

Yes. Please speak with your advisor about this.

How soon do claims get processed?

24-48 hours.

Is there an open enrollment period?

There is not an Open Enrollment, we accept applications all year long.

Is this more of a catastrophic package or an all-inclusive package?


Does Sage have a “brochure” with an explanation of the SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care? 

Yes, you can find it here.

Will Intended Parents receive medical records for services provided and costs?

No, you can request medical / birth records from your OB and hospital at any time.

Are there refunds if there is an early pregnancy loss? 

If there is a loss of the pregnancy by the Surrogate solely due to miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) during the period of gestation of the surrogate fetus and the Member does not desire to continue with their Surrogate or another replacement Surrogate, this Plan shall terminate, and a refund of the remaining Advanced Deposit shall be returned to the Members in accordance with the following refund schedule show in the next drop down.

Refunds (see plan documents for specific refund details):

Period of GestationRefund Percentage
Weeks 1 to 5100% of remaining balance
Weeks 5 to 2075% of remaining balance
Weeks 21 to 2533% of remaining balance
Weeks 26 to 3010% of remaining balance
Weeks 31+0% of remaining balance
Will Intended Parents ever be asked for additional money if there are complications? 

No, as long as the complications are due to the surrogate pregnancy and birth and under the Five Hundred Thousand Dollar ($500,000.00) cap.

Do Intended Parents have to “do anything” as a member of the association?

As a Member, Intended Parents are not required to do anything additional.

Does the SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care cover the medical costs of the baby?

No. The baby is covered in utero only. All coverage is designed around the Gestational Surrogate. Intended Parents, will need to seek coverage elsewhere for the baby.

Can SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care be transferred from one Surrogate to another if there is a miscarriage?

If Member chooses to work with a replacement Surrogate, the payment/s are fully transferrable as a credit to initiate coverage for the replacement gestational surrogate. In these circumstances, Sage will calculate any amounts of coverage that have been paid to medical providers, and Members will be required to reimburse Sage those amounts to provide coverage to the replacement surrogate. All replacement surrogates are subject to Sage’s approval and must go through underwriting.

Does the SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care include loss of organs?

It does not cover payments made to the Surrogate for such a loss. It does cover the medical expenses if it is determined it is pregnancy related. Must be pre-authorized.

Does the SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care cover medical expenses in the event of an accident such as a car accident?

No. The coverage is intended to cover pregnancy-related medical expenses.

The following FAQs will answer a Surrogate, or potential Surrogate’s, questions about our SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care.

Can the Surrogate keep her existing insurance, including Medi-Cal?

YES and NO. Medi-Cal insurance does not have a surrogacy exclusion so if the surrogacy is truly altruistic (there is no compensation paid to the surrogate,) and the current insurance does not exclude a surrogate pregnancy, then Medi-Cal might be appropriate to use. 

If the surrogate is to be compensated, then disenrolling from Medi-Cal would be required.

SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care is a separate program not intended to replace your existing health insurance permanently. Your membership with the association will expire 90 days after the baby’s birth.

The SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care is not intended or to be used as a permanent stand-alone coverage to replace traditional health insurance.

Does the Surrogate need to pay providers anything out of pocket?

NO. You can rest assured that you’re covered. Additionally, Sage International Family Association does not place liens or conduct balance billing practices.  

Who does the Surrogate submit medical bills to?

Surrogates will give their medical benefits Card to their provider.  If a bill is received, the surrogate can log into her account at and upload the bills.

What about getting medications at the pharmacy?

Pharmaceuticals Tier 1-3 are covered at No Charge with participating pharmacies.

Is a D & C and/or terminations covered?

Yes, if it is medically advised.

Can the Surrogate pick any doctor and hospital?

No. The surrogate can request a specific hospital as Sage has over 2,000 hospitals and medical facilities currently partnered with. However, there is no guarantee that their request will fall within our network.

Are breast pumps included?

Yes. If authorized by a Physician and/or Association, if it is determined to be Medically Necessary or appropriate to the treatment related to Maternity or Childbirth as determined by Sage. This includes but is not limited to breast-feeding related equipment and supplies.

Is physical therapy or acupuncture included?

Acupuncture – Only covered if medically necessary due to pregnancy (Must be pre-Authorized)

Physical Therapy (Includes Message Therapy) – Only covered if medically necessary due to pregnancy – Must be Pre-Authorized – Maximum of 12 visits.

Does SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Care work more like cash payment, but the association company pays, or does the doctor/hospital bill the association “directly”?

Doctors and hospitals will bill directly to Sage International Family Association.

Am I at risk of being sent to collections due to failure to pay?

No. Under the Sage Association, we do not employ the practice of Balance Billing or Liens.

Will I get a confirmation that a bill was paid?

Yes, you can log into your portal here to see if the bill in question has been paid.

What happens if I receive a bill 8 months after the birth? Will the association still process the claim?

Yes. If the procedures/service occurred within the coverage period.

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*SURROGATE ELITE Not available in all states at this time.