How Maternal Weight Affects Potential Pregnancy Complications

A study recently published in BMC Medicine found that the higher the BMI (body mass index) of a pregnant mother the more significant the impact on her pregnancy for 14 of the 20 pregnancy complications reviewed.  These complications included the risk of high blood pressure in pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, pregnancy diabetes, and complications of delivery, such as a caesarean section or induction of labor. The study, which involved researchers from around the globe, also found that women with the higher BMI were having heavier babies with greater chances of neonatal intensive care for their babies.

            The study does note that previous studies examined social status, marital status, education or lifestyle factors, which could be also linked to a pregnant mother’s weight and pregnancy complications. Yet, this new research addresses these previous concerns and was able to identify stronger links between increased maternal weight and pregnancy complications.

            For more on this study regarding maternal weight and pregnancy complications, click here to read the full article from News-Medical.

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