Welcome On Board


Now that you have a Family Membership with Sage, you have benefits that you can start accessing! Continue on for a quick refresher of your benefits and continue further for explanation on how to access those benefits.

Our Sage Family Member Benefits:

Click on each one for an expanded view with a breakdown of that benefit.

  • No Deductibles
  • No Co-Pays
  • No Balanced Billing
  • $500,000 Medical Coverage*
  • Transferrable Policy*
  • Transparent Coverage
  • Quick Claims Management
  • Concierge Service
  • Downloadable Phone App

*see specific plan details

SoFi Fertility Financing
  • 0.50% Rate discount on Personal Loans
  • 0.25% Rate discount on Student Loans
  • Welcome bonus on Private Student Loans ($250) or Mortgage purchase/refinance ($500) 
  • SoFi Relay- online budgeting, credit monitoring, net worth tracking, etc
  • SoFi Learn- over 100k articles/blog postings on a variety of financial topics. 
  • Complimentary CFP access
State Farm
State Farm Logo
Morgan & Franz Insurance and Administrative Services
Cryo-Cell International Cord Blood Storage
CryoCell Logo Logo
Cord BloodCord BloodCord Blood & Cord TissueCord Blood & Cord Tissue
StandardPremiumStandard + TissuePremium + Tissue
Processing, Testing & Medical Courier$1,685$2,035$2,840$3,190
First Year of Storage$185$185$370$370
Sage Member Discount$925$925$1,465$1,465
Total Cost$760$1,110$1,375$1,725
Optum Perks(TM) Prescription Discounts
Optum Perks Logo
  • Free to all Surrogates with Membership in SURROGATE ELITE “Your Choice” Surrogacy Coverage
  • Average member savings of up to 80%*
  • 64,000 available pharmacies to choose from
CIBT Passports & Visas
Complio by American Databank Background Check Services
Complio Logo V2 500x300
Teledoc Health – General Medicine
Teledoc Health Logo 500x300
Fourth Trimester Support from Postpartum Support International (PSI)
Center for Fertility Support
Ally Escrow Management Services
Ally Escrow Management Services Logo
Save The MilkTM
IVF Couriers
Fertility Professionals Directory Access
Access to Legal Support Information
Assisted Reproduction Video Library
Online Seminars
Access to Industry Specific Medical Information
Access to Psychological Support Information
Lifetime Membership
SurrogatElite Pregnancy Coverage



Now that you are a member of Sage, you can apply for SURROGATE ELITE Pregnancy Care. There are 3 simple steps in the application process. First, is for the Intended Parents to fill out the following SURROGATE ELITE Application by clicking the corresponding link below. Second, you Surrogate needs to fill out the same application. Third, click the corresponding link below to access the SURROGATE ELITE Medical Authorization form. Have your Surrogate fill this out and submit all three to us and ad we will start reviewing your application. Your application should take 3-5 days for reviewal and approval

Watch the Video Below for a more detailed

Member On-Boarding!

Do I need a login for the Private Members Video Library on YouTube?

Yes. You will be given directions on how to access the Private Members Video Library on YouTube in your on-boarding packet that will get sent out shorty following your Membership confirmation. This packet will have detailed information on how to set-up your access to all of your member benefits.

If at any time you need more help, contact us and we will be happy to help.

What if I need to cancel my membership?

For Family Membership recipients, there is no need to cancel your account if you no longer need it. Your membership is a lifetime membership and has no renewal costs for your membership package, ever.

For Business Membership recipients, you can cancel your membership renewal at any time before your renewal date. There are no partial refunds for for Business Memberships after the payment has been process. To cancel your Business Membership renewal, contact us here.

Quick links to our Searchable Database of Industry Professionals:

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Sage Footer Buttons Egg Donation Agencies
Sage Footer Buttons Surrogacy Agencies
Sage Footer Buttons IVF
Sage Footer Buttons Attorneys
Sage Footer Buttons Trust and Escrow Services
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Legal Disclaimer: The participant understands that Association has no control or oversight over the services provided to the Participant by any vendors associated with the Association member benefits platform. Sage has secured these vendors as independent third parties, and Sage does not warrant or guarantee their services, nor does Association accept any liability for any damages possibly incurred by the Participant in working with any of the Association’s vendors.  

*SURROGATE ELITE Not available in all states at this time.