Introducing Sage International Family Association

Sage International Family Association (Sage) has opened its online presence to accept members as a member-driven association that provides its members with benefits related to the assisted reproduction field. Becoming a member is easy and lasts a lifetime.

What Can Sage Do for You?

Sage is dedicated to creating a meeting place for members to share their knowledge and experiences, while providing education and information on an ongoing basis. Through the sharing of relevant information, the Association’s goal is to provide members with the opportunity to evaluate and determine the most appropriate pregnancy solutions and options during the term of their pregnancy, including the Sage SurrogateElite Pregnancy Care.

Sage Member benefits include the following:

*Fertility Professionals Directory Access


*Access to Sage Trusted Partners

*Access to our Library of Videos and Informational Articles

*Fertility Financing

*Baby Bill Negotiation

*Monthly Newsletters

*Online Seminars

*Cord Blood Storage

*Optum Perks TM Prescription Discounts

                Further, Sage International Family Association intends to transform the surrogacy and egg donation industry with the Sage International Family Association’s SurrogateElite Surrogate Pregnancy Care. By providing information and advice, networking opportunities, seminars, as well as the Sage Surrogacy Pregnancy Care, parents, surrogates, and egg donors can rest assured that they are receiving the best information and available advice before they start their journey. 

               According to Co-founder and CEO, John Morgan-Reed,

                “Our Association’s goal is to improve the Surrogacy and Egg Donation Industry by making it a friendly process. After dealing with fertility issues in my own family, we found that IVF was physically challenging, emotionally difficult, and financially draining. Throughout the process we lacked available help and guidance throughout the process. With Sage, we hope that our guidance can give other families the tools to make their third-party reproduction journey a process is full of joy, explanations, clarity of medical costs, and beyond.”

                Sage International Family Association is NOT an insurance company, but an indemnity policy that provides parents protection for their gestational surrogate during their surrogate pregnancy journey.

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